Advanced Therapy by BODY RECELLTM

DR. GHANSHYAM HOMEO CLINICTM Advanced Homeopathic Clinic & Clinical Research Center, which is ANSI (American National Standard Institute), IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and ISO (International Standard Organization) 9001:2008 certified Clinic, is the symbol of consistency, honesty, commitment and quality at its best.

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What is Advanced Therapy?

It is therapy given in the form of homeopathic medications by Dr. Ghanshyam himself in the form of combinations prepared after extensive research of 7 long years and 15,000 hours of study at the Genetic level and still deeper.

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Advantages of Advanced Therapy (BODY-RECELLTM)

Medicines are prepared as a result of research and study based on DNA and RNA level and even 3 steps deeper than that.

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